Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Mother of the Nation

Winnie as she is known, played a critical role in fighting the apartheid government. She is often depicted as important because of her marriage to Nelson Mandelabut this is not the case, she is a very important figure because she played the most role in violently fighting the apartheid which was destorying, repressing and oppressing the black majority of South africa. Winnie was banned, this entails severely restricted in travel, association, and speech, by the apartheid government because she was expressive and she influenced many black people to resist. She pressured the apartheid government for the release of her then husband Nelson Rholihlala Mandela. But when he was released he throw her away like yesterday's news.

Nobandla Madikizela has endured enormous pain and suffering through the apartheid era and this was caused mainly by her marriage to Nelson but also in part because of her resistance. I coin her as the The Greatest Woman Living. She laid her life down so that the people of South africa would enjoy the freedom they are enjoying now.

Her resistance to oppression is distinct from Nelson's one because she resisted with violence not peace talk. She wanted a South Africa where black people would be free and would be in charge while Nelson Mandela wanted a South africa where all races will be free. The pain she wented through during the apartheid made her the strong woman she is.

She married to Nelson when she was only young and when Nelson had came off from a divorce from a mother of his four children, Evelyn Mandela who made Nelson choose betwwen her and politics. His choice was clear but she later madly blamed Winnie for the divorce.

She was born on September 26, 1936, Bizana, Pondoland district, Transkei  in Eastern Cape South Africa. The social worker and activist was a child of a principal. In May 1991 she was sentenced to six years in prison upon her conviction for kidnapping, but the sentence was later reduced to a fine. she was framed for killing Stompie who was found murdered in her home. But this did not break the impregnable spirit of this stong black woman, she continued to fight a good fight, fighting for the people of South africa. Her contribution to the abolishment of the aparthied are immeasurable.

She had a larger number of supporters during the aparthied and what she said mattered. she was listerned to and was highly influencial.

She is famous for her controversial qoute "Together, hand in hand, with that stick of matches, with our necklace, we shall liberate this country."
She realistically said "We have no guns - we have only stones, boxes of matches, and petrol."
she might be characterised by the untransformed mainstream media of murderous, but she is a passionate woman who wanted to free her people.

This five part documentary attempts to show her contributions, power, influence, fights, resistance and her downfalls.

This woman has endured so many heartaches and struggles brought upon by the apartheid government who destroyed our beloved country. She deserves even better recognition that the one Nelson is getting as she was in the forefront in mobilising people to pressure those Nationalists monsters to release her former husband who then dropped her like yesterday's news. She still continued to be part of the ANC, the party that made this country free and democratic. At least under the presidency of Jacob Zuma, she is appreciated. South Africa made a huge mistake by not making her a president immediately after Dalibhunga Mandela.

To white people she has been a symbol of threat because of her revolution. She is however a true symbol of hope and victory to black people.

South Africa is yet to find anyone like Winnie, she desrve a lot more than what she's getting.
Halala mama wesizwe wena ntombi ka Madikizela. We salute you my comrade.

She sis still involved in politics and under the presidency of Zuma, she plays a bigger role in the ANC.

She still continues to care and play her role as the mother of the nation.

The closest comrade to Winnie's calibre is the controversial yet revolutional Julius Malema who has been fighting for the social justice of the black people but has been depicted as a monster by the media which is highly controlled and owned by white people.

She is loved, hated, been critised and appluaded, she has been the central figure of the apartheid regime that spoke with precision and clarity for the black people against the white minority unjust ruling.

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